I am an extremely sensitive person, but I elect to shut my feelings down and instead pretend to be a detached, apathetic robot, because whenever I have attempted to communicate with others about something that is hurting me, people have gotten carelessly upset and made me feel like I am a needy…



Pawel Kuczynski’s satirical art. Take a moment to look at these properly.

This guy is not even slightly in the area of fucking around

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I love you, too


when ur mom says you need to get a job but u know ur not ready


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This show was amazing

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I always reblog this because it’s always relevant.

thank you kendrick

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I’ve never met anyone who gazed upon me as if I were the most complex puzzle in the world, yet wouldnt mind spending a lifetime solving it, until I met you.
Your caressing fingers on my head simulated my mind in ways nobody ever could. Your touch felt my roots so deep it was as if you were thanking my parents for conceiving me and praising God for every fiber of my being.
Every time your lips met mine, I felt honored for such union. Its ironic how I could hold my breath forever when we kis, and when the moment ends, no amount of breaths seems to sustain the life you give me in your kiss.
In your absence, a breeze could never be cooler. The sun can’t hold a candle to the warmth that you gave. The whistle of the wind could never rival the sound of your voice speaking my name. I’ve found no greater beauty than you and the fulfillment of us.
The mere glance of the moon brings the greatest smile to my face. Every gaze in the night sky is a look into your eyes. The greatest engagement ring anyone could ever have as a symbolism of our love. My gem, my rock, my everything.
You are love, personified.

The wisest of men
is he who flinches upon
the crack of thunder.

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Daniel Tyka

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